I Hate @$%#&! Plastic Bags


And, no, it’s not because they take 10 bazillion years to decompose in the landfill – although that is a good reason to hate them.  It’s because for some reason when the baggers at the grocery store use them, they use 10 bazillion of them.  Before I got with the program and started using a reusable grocery bag, I used to bitch and moan about the way they were used.  How many times do you go to the Jewel and buy 10 things and get a fucking separate bag for each fucking thing?  Really – plastic isn’t strong enough to hold more than a package of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?  Then why the hell does it last for 10 bazillion years in the landfill?

Last year I made a conscious decision to use less plastic – no more plastic bags and no more plastic water bottles – and so far I’ve really cut down on both.  I’ve been trying to use my reusable canvas bags each time at the grocery store, and let me tell you – they try to make it as hard as possible.  Why?  Does the Plastics Industry pay the baggers a supplemental bonus for each plastic bag they can slip past the system?

Take yesterday for instance.  I was at the store to pick up items for dinner last night.  I didn’t use a cart, I used the little mini basket to get my items.  I didn’t even fill up the basket, but yet still managed to get home with three plastic bags anyway.  They stuck the plastic bags INSIDE MY REUSABLE BAG.  WTF?  If I can manage to put all the items in one basket, then YOU should manage to get all the items in my one reusable bag, okay???  And forget asking for paper – they are always perpetually “out” of paper, or the ones they do have are short and have no handles so it’s hard to carry – another Plastics Industry Conspiracy, I just know it.

And you just know when you actually bring the bags back to the store and put them in the Big Bag Recycling Bag (how ironic) that they just wait until it’s filled up and throw it in the main garbage out back…  Kind of like the old Chicago Blue Bag system in the early 90’s.