Goodbye and Good Riddance to 2008


I don’t know about you, but I will be glad to say goodbye to 2008.  Overall it was a really shitty year with the world economy collapsing, people I know getting laid off, crappy weather, people I know getting flooded out of their homes, and, of course – me turning 40.  So, tonight we should all celebrate the new year in style and get the stink of 2008 off our collective auras and start anew tomorrow.

Here’s how I will be celebrating: going out for sushi with friends and then drinking my favorite champagne, Veuve Cliquot.  Damn, there is nothing better than this champagne.  We went through 24 bottles of it at our wedding, and I think I can account for at least two of them.  What better  way to forget a crappy year?


P.S.  Of course, if you drink, don’t drive – but for God’s sake, don’t call 303 Taxi either!