Politically Incorrect Stained Glass



Every time we go to the neighborhood bar closest to my house, I mean to take a picture of this.  Yes, this is some stained glass at the entrance of said bar.  There are actually about 15 of these types of stained glass decorations around the bar that are supposed to depict different countries.  But, although most of them contain scantily-clad women and are mildly strange – this one is pretty much offensive and right at the entrance, which is beyond odd.

Originally I was going to blog about how this is kind of funny because the bar is obviously so old that these were made in a time before people were a little more in tune with what would be considered politically incorrect, etc. etc.  (Kind of like how some people collect those old timey Mammy-type salt and pepper shakers from the 20s and 30s or the old Bugs Bunny cartoons that have since been taken out of rotation.)  But, then I did a little research on this particular bar, and it turns out that it was built in 1971.  I’m pretty sure this was considered as offensive in 1971 as it is today, right?  Good thing Bobby Seale didn’t stop in for a cold one.

Now I don’t know what to think about it.  I do know that when I’m going in to the bar I am always kind of bothered by it, but on my way out (many hours later, I’m sure) I kind of chuckle at it.  I guess I don’t have a huge problem with it, but maybe it shouldn’t be right by the door.  Or, maybe I am being too uptight.  Or, maybe it should go.  Or, maybe as Jerry Seinfeld says, “I don’t think we’re supposed to be talking about this.”

What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect Stained Glass

  1. Yes! That is awesome. I am SO going there next time I am in town. That rocks. Tiff, do not be upset by it, no way, friend. Laugh your ass off about it. That is some funny shit.

  2. Well, of course, one should be upset.

    Once again, a well intentioned white male is targeted by a victimizing black female.

    I would submit that the cannablism suggested by this accurate portrayal of the all too common result of philanthropic visits to the third world is more than symbolic. I believe this represents the very real desire of all black women to destroy all white men.

    Thank you for this thoughtful and illuminating image. Bless you.

  3. I think I’ve been to that bar about 20 times. I remember noticing that they had stained glass, but that’s about it. Were Snow White and the 7 dwarfs depicted in any of them perchance?

    At any rate, I guess I should try and be more observant.

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