Your Best Meals Evah

I just got back from a nice and warm trip to the Dominican Republic.  This is the second time I have been to the D.R. and I have to say that pretty much all the food there is incredibly good.  The last time we were there we went out to dinner with a local friend who – when I told him what I thought – explained that because the D.R. is so large (it’s 5x the size of Puerto Rico) and so varied in geography, they are one of the few islands in the Caribbean that don’t import a lot of things.  Meaning that the fish you are eating was probably swimming that morning, the shrimp is local, the vegetables fresh.  I don’t know if it was hyperbole, but I chose to believe it.

While at the resort I had such a good preparation on a red snapper, that I had to have it twice!  It was so fresh and so awesome, I’m thinking of never ordering red snapper again because I know that I will never get it as good as this one.  This particular resort has an on-call fishing fleet where you literally see them bring the day’s catch in a big basket to the kitchen.  They simply gut it, fry it, and place it – whole – on your plate for you to enjoy.  No spices, no sauces, no “reductions” or – thank god – balsamic vinegar.  Just, good, fresh fish.

I’m almost sad because I’ll never get to experience it quite that way again, but glad that I got to do it anyway.  Ya gotta live for the moment, I guess.  (Sorry no picture – I was living so in the moment, I forgot to take a picture so I could relive the moment.)

3 thoughts on “Your Best Meals Evah

  1. Glad you liked the food in the D.R. because when I went it was so NASTY. We were at an all-inclusive so maybe that goes without saying. Goat was on the menu most nights – ugh. I swear it was the only vacation I have ever lost weight on. That NEVER happens, beleive me! Of course the liquid calories were quite tasty….I’m sure you would agree, no? Oh and the men were hot, hot, hot. Yum, yum chocolate chip honey dip!

  2. Ug- so jealous… love fresh seafood. I had snapper while in Cabo and it was great. Yer right tho- once you’ve had fresh chit like that, you can’t go back

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