The Old 29E Airline Complaint Letter


I know this is an oldie, but I often bring this up to my friends in conversation as one of the funniest things I have ever read on the interwebs and never can remember to find it to send it to them.  Now that I found it again I had to post it –  so next time it comes up, I can just say to look it up on “the ‘pants” as I call this blog.  (No, I don’t, actually.)

This is the famous 29E Continental Airlines Complaint Letter.  Some poor soul took the time to write out this letter  while sitting in seat 29E – right next to the stinking lavatory.  I feel for this man – the sounds, the smells, the “stink sheild.”  I hate the airlines.

Tomorrow I will explain what happened to us on our way to the Dominican Republic a couple of weeks ago.  It includes an 18 hour trip that should have taken 4 hours, a plane that they “can’t start”, and turning around and coming back to Chicago when we are already all the way to Orlando.

In the mean time, please enjoy the comedy stylings of Mr. 29E:

One thought on “The Old 29E Airline Complaint Letter

  1. I understand this letter completely, as this is my seat everyday that I report to work. I am a flight attendant. Enough said.

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