Airport Bars of the World: CUN


CANCÚN, Qunitana Roo, Mexico  – Cancún International Airport
Air Margaritaville
Located in Terminal 3

It’s fairly obvious when you enter Terminal 3 in the Cancun Airport that it is fairly new and completely skewed toward the American tourist.  I was hoping to get some good Mexican food as a last stop before returning home, but alas – there was only one Mexican-themed  outlet in the “food court” area, and it looked more like Taco Bell than actual Mexican food.  I chose to pass.  There’s also a Panda Chinese food-type company which, for some odd reason, people were lined up ten deep for.  Really?  Panda crap Chinese in the Mexico airport?  I found the whole thing a very sad exercise in the study of what Americans want.  In fact, I noticed there were no magazine or book stands.  What, we don’t read?

Anyway – of course we needed a drink – and in the middle of the terminal is a huge Margaritaville restaurant, courtesy of Mr. Jimmy Buffett.  Okay, I know some people will be angry with me – but Jimmy Buffett is such a marketing whore who seems he will put his name on anything that comes with a paycheck.  He reminds me of Krusty the Clown who “Heartily Endorses this Event or Product!”  How much money can this guy amass?

It seems everyplace I go has a fucking Margaritaville.  (For the record, there are Margaritavilles in Las Vegas, Key West, Orlando, Panama City Beach, New Orleans, Glendale, AZ, Myrtle Beach, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Grand Turk, Cayman Islands, Cancun, Cozumel and Mohegan Sun, CT.  Yes, Connecticut.) Also, this doesn’t count the Cheeseburger in Paradise chain, which has another 37 locations in the US.  Sheesh.

Anyway, we went to the Air Margaritaville and sat at the bar.  I had a cheeseburger, which admittedly, wasn’t bad.  I was more in awe of the sheer size and business of the location.  It was jam-packed from the time we got there until we left.  Every table was filled, and there was a line out the door.  It was crazy – I can’t even imagine how much liquor that place goes through on any given day considering their margaritas are 30 oz. each and people were consuming a couple at a time.  The place isn’t cheap – especially after I had been used to 40 cent beers and $35 three-course meals from the week before.  But overall, it’s nothing special. If you want a nice, quiet, secret bar – there is a tiny three-seater across from Gate 22.  I found this out when it was too late.

Plusses: Giant drinks, good food
Minuses: Crowded, expensive, it’s a fucking Margaritaville

A T-RATING® of 3 out of 5