This is Why Food Stylists Get the Big Buck$$



I ran across this website today, and it made me chuckle.  Yes, they pay people to “style” food – and there’s a reason they get the big bucks to do it.  Can you imagine taking a crappy Beef & Cheddar and making it look delicious and appetizing?  (That’s a Whopper above, by the way.)  The dichotomy between the two specimens is quite entertaining.  I can vouch for what a hard profession this is – I am currently working on an amateur cookbook, and the hardest part is the food photography.  Things that look great on a plate to my eye looks like barf on a platter when photographed wrong – and all the Photoshop tricks in the world can’t save it.

I want to know how one becomes a Food Stylist?  I’m surprised that the lame ITT Tech schools advertised on TV during the day haven’t picked up on that one – like they have with Harley Davidson Technician, Fashion Designer, Medical Transcriber, TV/VCR Repair, Truck Driver, Cordon Bleu Chef, and – of course – Graphic Designer.

Ads vs. Reality

Just Pointing Out…

That my #1 Read Blog Post has been “Steak & Blowjob Day March 14” for the past two weeks.  That’s a week before Valentine’s Day had even happened…  Methinks this holiday is catching on, you dirty dogs, you.