I’m Off for a Week (or so….)


Well – I am off for a week on St. John with five girlfriends for a trip we have tried to schedule for years.  I am planning on sitting by the pool or beach with a Rum & Diet in hand for pretty much any time I am not sleeping, so I may not be blogging too much, if at all. (or if I do, it may not make much sense.)  

Anyway, here is my new favorite guy to keep you company while I am away.


5 thoughts on “I’m Off for a Week (or so….)

  1. Uh, helloooooo, Tiff! Too many rum & diets and you fell in the ocean never to be heard from again? Geez, your fan club is missing your funny posts. Come back, I beg of you.

  2. I am finally back. My computer conked out the day after I got there so I had no form of electronic communication for two weeks! Agh!

    Posting begins tomorrow, pals!

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