Nacho Underpants has Twitter


I don’t know why – I really don’t get the whole Twitter thing.  Why do I care if somebody from my sorority had peanut butter toast for breakfast or that Martha Stewart is at the airport?  But, I used to say that about Facebook and then I got somewhat addicted.  At least on Facebook I can laugh at the bitch in high school who works at SuperCuts or stalk the exes of my friends while they do the same for me.  What’s the fun in Twitter?

Anyway, if you want to follow my Twitter account, here is the link:  It’s really no more exciting than this blog – and I can only write in 140 characters or less.  Maybe that’s better?

4 thoughts on “Nacho Underpants has Twitter

  1. Welcome back, stranger! I so do not get the whole Twitter thing. Maybe you can help me see the light eventually.

  2. Thanks for explaining that, because I have also been puzzled about the function/need for a “twitter.”

    So if I understand the concept, anyone who has twitter can let everyone else who is following them on twitter know that they are “dreading going to the gym” or “having gastric upset due to bad fish tacos…” that sort of thing?

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