Be Back Soon


I’m off on a sailing trip for the next 14 days, so not much blogging will be happening, I’m afraid.  But, I leave you with this blissful photo of life in the 50s – according to my cookbook anyway.   The guy on the right makes me wonder a bit, however.  I don’t like the way he’s touching Little Johnny, or the way he is handling those wieners.  I’m just sayin….

Be back soon!

Mac & Cheese Stuffed Peppers


There’s something strangely alluring about this fine recipe I found in my new 1965 Dinner in a Dish Cookbook.  It’s macaroni & cheese mixed with ham and stuffed into green peppers.  Maybe I’ve been staring at disgusting vintage recipes too long, but I think this sounds good for some reason.  A hell of a lot better than Jello & Tuna Pie!

I guess it’s all relative.

Sprint: What’s Happening Now – Best New Ad


I’ve always loved advertising.  In fact, at one point in my life I dreamed I would have a career editing national television commercials – one of the reasons I moved to Chicago.  Alas, now I live in the ‘burbs and have 22-year-olds critiquing my work for their uncle’s business while my cat refuses to get off my lap. Sad, but true.

This ad really caught my attention lately – it’s a great ad.  “Koo-doz” (Thanks, Ramona) to the team at San Francisco’s Goodby Silverstein & Partners who created it.  It’s engaging, entertaining, and to the point.  (Makes me want a Sprint phone, and that’s saying a lot as I am quite firm in my Apple love.)  I wish the statistics were real, but the idea is so good – I can let it pass.

Here are the stats in case you were wondering:

Welcome to the Now Network. Population: 49 million.

  • 23 million cell phone calls are being made
  • 380,000 people just hung up.
  • 1 million emails are en route.
  • 7% of them contain the words, miracle banana diet
  • They’re hitting 6,3000 spam filters, now.
  • Twice as many people are searching Dog on Google versus Cat
  • Tiny the talking boxer is being uploaded from Youtube to some one’s cell phone, now.
  • 2 million people are sending a text message during a business meeting- the most popular subject? Diapers.
  • 233,000 people just Twittered on Twitter.
  • 26% of you viewing this have no idea what that means.
  • 6,000 people are researching restaurants in a cab.
  • 29 of them just left their phone in that same cab.
  • 13,000 people just landed and are switching on their phones.

One person just pushed her cat off her lap and went to get a cup of coffee.

Leaving AbFab Alone


I have to say that I was less than sad to find that Fox had passed on a new, US version of the 90’s British comedy, Absolutely Fabulous.  AbFab is one of my all-time favorite shows, and frankly, should just be left alone.  Why oh why do they have to fuck with perfection?  

This new version was to star Kristin Johnson from 3rd Rock from the Sun fame as Patsty and Katherine Hahn (who?) as Edina.   And, I’m sure it sucked.  Americans can’t do a proper show about two drugged-out alcoholic aging hippies – unless it was done in cartoon form by Seth McFarlane.

I decided many years ago that I want to be Patsy, and am well on my way.  Below:  One of my favorite scenes when Patsy and Eddie go to France for a few days and end up at a château wine tasting.  I have been to wine tastings in Napa with friends that have ended up a little like this.  Klassy!

Yes, it’s a Tuna & Jello Pie!


I never thought I would find a disgusting vintage recipe to top the famous Liver Sausage Pineapple, but dang if I didn’t find one that is just as repulsive – and maybe, just maybe –  a little bit more.

Voilà the “Summer Salad Pie” – a concoction listed as “pretty as can be” in my 1965 Betty Crocker’s Dinner in a Dish cookbook.  Um, not so sure “pretty” would be the word I’d use to describe it, but I’m not a cookbook editor – so what do I know?  Basically this pie is made up of a lemon jello layer with tomato sauce, celery, olives and onion, in a cheese crust topped with tuna salad.  Yes, tuna salad.

Don’t get me wrong – I love tuna salad.  I just don’t love tuna salad on top of jello in a pie shell.  What is the fascination with gelatin?  Why must it be used in every other recipe in 1965?  Was Jell-O thought to be space-age?  Was it a favorite at Camelot? Were we using it to show the Commies who’s boss?

All I know is that this has got to taste like Barf Pie – summer or not.


The Burger Beef Tiara!


Something’s wrong here.  How can you have “Tiara” in your name, but be such a boring recipe?  It’s basically chili mixed with canned green beans with a ring of canned biscuits. Big fucking deal!  I feel I have been misled, Mr. Recipe Name Maker-Upper.

Real Sadness on Facebook

Yes, I am on Facebook.  At first I thought, who wants to be on Facebook?  What’s the point? I’m too old for shit like that, right?  Eight months and 215 friends later, I get it – it is addicting.  It’s weird – it’s like every person I have ever known in my entire life is on there somewhere, and even some I didn’t.  I actually connected with some cousins of mine that I have never met in person after they found me.

This morning I logged on and saw that FB helpfully pointed out that it was one of my “friends” birthday today.  This friend was someone I have known since 3rd grade, and was also the first boy I ever had a crush on.  In 5th grade  he played the violin, so I took cello just so I could be in his class – so, in a way, he introduced me to my life-long love of music.  I lost touch with him after high school, but FB brought us in contact once again.  Being the good FB Friend that I am, I clicked over to wish him a happy birthday on his wall.  This is how I discovered that this friend killed himself a few days ago – just shy of his 40th birthday.  To say I was shocked was an understatement.  Nothing on his FB page would have indicated anything abnormal.  Just last week I saw a post from him – one of those annoying “5 Favorite…”  and he had put Vans as all 5 of his favorite footwear and I had mentally filed that he must really like Vans and smiled. 

This news made me very sad, but also made me feel strange.  In this electronic world, I found this person, chatted with this person and now know this person is gone – all through the computer.  I probably would have never known otherwise that this terrible event occurred as I long ago lost touch with any “real life” mutual friends.  And there his FB sits, like an eerie beacon as all his friends, real and electronic, gather in their grief.  In this new world, is an electronic message of sadness the same as a written note or attending a service?  I feel just as sad as I would have had I found this news out in person – but it just seems … different , but no less tragic.

Rest in Peace, Dylan.  These are for you:


Yes, I Had Pants Like This.


This post over at Jezebel delves head-first into the lovely fashion world of 1972 via the ubiquitous Sears Catalog.  This particular post focuses on the fashions of the children of 1972 – which would include me as I was 3 1/2 in the spring of 1972 when this catalog came out.

What the fuck were these people on, anyway?  What adult in their right mind thinks that this is mainstream America-wear?  It’s like the whole world went crazy.  I can’t decide which one is the most hideous.  Maybe the pink/blue/white/dots/stripe combo ones.

And, yes, I remember photos of me in similar if not the same pants.  I know we were big Sears shoppers.  It wasn’t my fault – I was a kid and had to wear what my obviously LSD-laden parents bought me. But, then again – look what they were wearing.

RIP: My Cookbook Collection


Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about the incompetent plumber who supposedly came to do maintenance on our appliances and instead started a leak that ruined all my vintage cookbooks?  Well, I finally had a chance to go through them and figure out what’s what.  

Out of my collection of about 50 vintage cookbooks, about 20 of them are ruined and will have to be thrown away.  The only good news is that the two really old and rare ones I have, although damaged,  were spared enough to keep – my 1930 Fannie Farmer Cookbook and my 1945 Joy of Cooking.  The bad news is that most of the ones that were ruined were my Betty Crocker collection, which happen to be my favorites.  Most of them can be replaced as they are in plenitful supply out there, but two of them, my 1956 Picture Cookbook and my 1961 Picture Cookbook were in great shape and I am sad to lose them.

Did I mention the guy who did this is a dumbass?

McDonald’s Diet Coke


What is it about the fountain drinks at McDonalds?  They are seriously the best Coke products you can get anywhere.  I had this discussion with friends once and they said that McDonalds has a secret mix of syrup vs. carbonation given to them by Coke to keep their business.  Others say that it is because the fountains are regularly cleaned and calibrated due to the diligence of the McDonald’s corporation.  Personally, I think it’s the big straws.  Whatever it is, it’s good.

Yes, I am a Coke girl.  (Well, Diet Coke.)  Pepsi tastes like ass, and Diet Pepsi tastes like salty ass.  Nothing is worse than rum & Diet Pepsi – it doesn’t go together at all and is almost undrinkable.  (Notice I said almost.)

It also has to be Diet Coke in the US – DC in other countries is not the same.  It’s usually called Coke Light, and it, too, tastes like ass.  It’s also very hard to find a good picture of a McDonald’s fountain drink, which is odd.  Maybe it’s part of the conspiracy.