McDonald’s Diet Coke


What is it about the fountain drinks at McDonalds?  They are seriously the best Coke products you can get anywhere.  I had this discussion with friends once and they said that McDonalds has a secret mix of syrup vs. carbonation given to them by Coke to keep their business.  Others say that it is because the fountains are regularly cleaned and calibrated due to the diligence of the McDonald’s corporation.  Personally, I think it’s the big straws.  Whatever it is, it’s good.

Yes, I am a Coke girl.  (Well, Diet Coke.)  Pepsi tastes like ass, and Diet Pepsi tastes like salty ass.  Nothing is worse than rum & Diet Pepsi – it doesn’t go together at all and is almost undrinkable.  (Notice I said almost.)

It also has to be Diet Coke in the US – DC in other countries is not the same.  It’s usually called Coke Light, and it, too, tastes like ass.  It’s also very hard to find a good picture of a McDonald’s fountain drink, which is odd.  Maybe it’s part of the conspiracy.