RIP: My Cookbook Collection


Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about the incompetent plumber who supposedly came to do maintenance on our appliances and instead started a leak that ruined all my vintage cookbooks?  Well, I finally had a chance to go through them and figure out what’s what.  

Out of my collection of about 50 vintage cookbooks, about 20 of them are ruined and will have to be thrown away.  The only good news is that the two really old and rare ones I have, although damaged,  were spared enough to keep – my 1930 Fannie Farmer Cookbook and my 1945 Joy of Cooking.  The bad news is that most of the ones that were ruined were my Betty Crocker collection, which happen to be my favorites.  Most of them can be replaced as they are in plenitful supply out there, but two of them, my 1956 Picture Cookbook and my 1961 Picture Cookbook were in great shape and I am sad to lose them.

Did I mention the guy who did this is a dumbass?