Leaving AbFab Alone


I have to say that I was less than sad to find that Fox had passed on a new, US version of the 90’s British comedy, Absolutely Fabulous.  AbFab is one of my all-time favorite shows, and frankly, should just be left alone.  Why oh why do they have to fuck with perfection?  

This new version was to star Kristin Johnson from 3rd Rock from the Sun fame as Patsty and Katherine Hahn (who?) as Edina.   And, I’m sure it sucked.  Americans can’t do a proper show about two drugged-out alcoholic aging hippies – unless it was done in cartoon form by Seth McFarlane.

I decided many years ago that I want to be Patsy, and am well on my way.  Below:  One of my favorite scenes when Patsy and Eddie go to France for a few days and end up at a château wine tasting.  I have been to wine tastings in Napa with friends that have ended up a little like this.  Klassy!

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