I’m Confused by this Taco Bell Invention


I saw an ad for this monstrosity the other day, an I have to admit, I am a little perplexed by this creation.  Bacon, cheese and potato burrito with sour cream? So, it’s like a Potato Skin burrito?  Didn’t Potato Skins go away when the last Bennigan’s closed its doors?

Maybe I’m confused since 99% of the Taco Bell menu is the same five things in different shapes.  Meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beans – I guess there’s only so many ways to deliver the same thing over and over.  Flat, round, hard, soft, grilled, baked, steamed, fried.  They finally ran out of ideas!  (You knew they were getting close when they were using ingredients to “glue” other ingredients together – like a few years ago when they used nacho cheese to glue a taco shell inside a gordita shell.)

I’ve read that Taco Bell’s biggest problem is “portability” – you can’t easily drive and shove a couple of soft tacos down your gullet like you can with a couple of cheeseburgers or McNuggets.  This means they are losing a lot of Lazy Ass Driver sales.  This new invention is no different – they would have been better off to just bring back the Potato Skin.  A 685 calorie potato skin.  Ugh.

Oh, here’s what it really looks like via Would I Buy it Again.