A Bag of Poo for You!


So I get a piece of mail from MAC cosmetics last week, which I figured was junk mail since I don’t buy from MAC.  For some reason I opened it and soon realized that it was a receipt for $160 of cosmetics!  Some asshat had obviously compromised my credit card number and decided to use it to order themselves a online “gift” from me!

Well, what they didn’t know was that now I have their name and address since it was on the SHIP TO section of the receipt.  So, I collected some goodies outside courtesy of my yellow lab and will be shipping them a new “gift” from me today.


So, enjoy your bag of poo, TRANG PHAM of TEMPE, AZ.  (Oh, and I called the cops, too.)

8 thoughts on “A Bag of Poo for You!

  1. YES! You are a rock star! I think we are twins (i’m the fat one) seperated at birth. You are too cool!

  2. As Otis Wilson, linebacker of the ’85 Bears once remarked, “it was a fragrant foul.”

  3. It should be easy to spot Trang Pham of Tempe, AZ. She’s the one covered in 5 LAYERS OF SKIN PRODUCTS.

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