Off for a few…


I’m off for a few days celebrating our 5 year anniversary!  Be back soon!

2 thoughts on “Off for a few…

  1. To tiff,

    was doing a web search on peeps from aspen, came upon your blog, highly entertaining!

    I lived there in the 80’s.. was a complete fuck up back then, but did manage to make some amazing desserts for the now defunct pour la france.

    Did u ever live in the St. Morritz? top floor? There was a young there when i was on my downward spiral out of town, name was tiffany, she had xmas light s in the window, first room on the left, 3rd floor, think she was in HS at the time.

    I may have been high, but alas , my memory is stellar. Bummer. Ditto though, PLF’s Bennies were delicous!

    In any event i enjoy ur blog! You are good.

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