The Case of Monkey Boy


If you’ve ever flown United Airlines, then you’ve seen him.  Monkey Boy!

I first met Monkey Boy many years ago when I was still working in the corporate world and had to fly to Albany, NY on a business trip for the day.  It turned out another coworker of mine was on the same flight and we happened to discover Monkey Boy together as we studied the Safety Card while downing a bloody mary at 6am.  We were fascinated with Monkey Boy.  Who was he?  A child with an adult head?  An adult with tiny, non-proportional legs? Was that lady his mom?  His date?  He looks confused.  And his arms are way too long.  Who drew this?  Who okayed it?  WTF????

On the return flight that night which my coworker was also on, Monkey Boy became more than just a curiosity as we were delayed for three hours and then ultimately diverted to Grand Rapids, MI for a five hour layover where not only would they not let us off the plane, they would not serve us drinks.  Needless to say, it was not a fun day.  If it wasn’t for Monkey Boy I don’t know what we would have done. At one point my coworker and I fantasized that the Flight Attendant Call Button actually was a way to order beers:  (insert ding ding of call button here while saying “beer, beer.”)

Well, maybe you had to be there.   But, I owe Monkey Boy my sanity that winter night.  And it’s good to know that Monkey Boy is still with us, strong and true.  I check every time I get on a United flight.

Live long, Monkey Boy – whatever you are!