Airport Bars of the World: BZE


BELIZE CITY, Belize – Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport
Jet’s Bar
Located at end of Terminal

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my first and only (so far) five out of five Airport Bar of the World:  Jet’s Bar in the Belize City airport.  Never mind that it is the only bar in the Belize Interntional Airport or the only place that serves food.  It’s the proprietor Mr. Jet himself that makes his bar the best.

Jet is probably about 4′ 8″ and he doesn’t rest on his laurels.  He is busy cruising the airport for customers with his strange munchkin-like voice proclaiming “Who wants the best rum punch in Belize?”  “Who wants the best hot dog in Belize?” while taking photos and signing autographs.  His grandson works the bar, and goes into the back to make the only thing on the menu and the only hot food to be found in the whole airport:  hot dogs with ketchup.  Oh, and mayonnaise.

We were there early one day, about 10am waiting for our flight out, and the airport was pretty slow.  We got to watch Jet in all his glory, as he wasn’t too busy and there was no one to cajole outside the bar into coming in.  We had a rum punch.  Is it the best rum punch in Belize?  I don’t know as it is the only place I had a rum punch while there.  Is it the best rum punch I’ve ever had?  Hardly – but what does it matter?  They’re strong and that’s all that counts, really.

About halfway through our second rum punch a typical idiot American with a big, stupid cowboy hat comes into the bar and asks Jet if he can change a hundred-dollar bill.  (Apparently Jet also is in charge of all the money in the airport as we saw numerous employees of the airport changing and borrowing money with him.)  Jet asked, “What about a rum punch with that?”  The man looks horrified.  “It’s not even 11am!”  Jet doesn’t miss a beat.  “How about a hot dog then?”  The man looks equally horrified.  “Pringles?” Finally the man gets the fact that Jet is not a bank (to him, anyway) and perhaps the polite thing to do is to buy something to get the change.  So, he finally settles on a Gatorade.  The Gatorade is like $2.00, so Jet gives him his $98 in American Dollar change and the man says thanks and walks off and gives Jet no tip.  “Cheap-O!”  He yells, and then smiles.  Just another gringo idiot.  Not the first one, and certainly not the last.

We’re now almost done with our second rum punch and I am worried about boarding the plane as it is at the other end of the airport where I can’t see.  “Another rum punch?” He asks.  We explain we should probably go as we need to board our flight soon, besides the fact I am pretty pie-eyed for 11am.  “No problem! What flight?  To Dallas?”  He picks up the phone and talks to someone for a minute and then hangs up.  “Now, how about that rum punch?”

He had called our gate agents directly and had asked them call back when our flight began to board – which is exactly what they did.  Now, that’s service!  And, this is why I give Jet’s Bar five out of five stars.

Plusses: Best Rum Punch and Hot Dogs in Belize, Only Bar in Airport, Great Service, Good People Watching, Lots of Pringles, Jet
Minuses: Not-a-One

A T-Rating® of 5 out of 5