Craigslist: More frightening than I even imagined…


So, I found a new favorite website yesterday,  The library of saved Craigslist posts with accompanying snarky commentary kept me busy for way too long last night.  After reading many, many posts I have come to realize a couple of things:

  • Most people in this country are complete idiots.
  • Most people in this country have no concept of any sort of spelling and/or grammar.
  • Nobody in this country understands the phrase “French Provincial”

I used Craigslist once a few years ago to sell my stepdaughter’s car.  I have to say, it worked like a charm – we had five inquiries in less than an hour and sold it the next day.  After reading these posts, however, I’m not sure I would use it again.  There are some fucking weirdos out there!

Here are some of my other favorites from this overly entertaining site:




Make sure you have a lot of free time when you visit this site, I promise you will be sucked in, but good.