Groovy Green


I’ve been working on a post about something that happened to me involving a piano tuner and hiding in my garage, but it’s taking way too long!  It may even have to be a two-parter.  So, in the meantime, here is some eye candy for you.

It’s no secret with anyone who knows me that green is my favorite color.  Dark green, light green, lime green, forest green, grass green, pickle green – I love them all.  In fact, I wore so much green in college that one of my friends nicknamed me the “Forest Green Queen of Mean.”  I suppose because I was such a sweet and docile gal.

Anyway, I found this vintage paint ad from 1968 for this fab color of green.  In fact, this color is similar to the one right here in my office.  This ad is so dokry – not hip with the times at all.  “How else could she have made so much difference so quickly, so inexpesively?”  Nice clunky sentence, Mr Ad Copywriter.  Plus, what’s up with the model?  Yay! My room is green!  Now I’m going to drop acid and listen to my Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band record!

I’m glad to see green is coming back as a hot decorating color – even if it is because of the word green now connotes the milquetoast ecology initiative and/or healthy mass produced food products.

Viva verte!