A few days off…


I haven’t been around because it’s my birthday this week and I am taking a few days off to celebrate.  Well, perhaps celebrate isn’t the right word, as I am still in denial over last year’s birthday – but, I digress…

FYI – People who share my birthday: (not a very stellar group)

Keyshia Cole (28)
Ginuwine (34)
Dominic West (40)
Paige Davis (40)
Vanessa Marcil (41)
Eric Benet (43)
Todd Solondz (50)
Emeril Lagasse (50)
Sarah Ferguson (50)
Mia Nair (52)
Tanya Roberts (54)
Tito Jackson (56)
Richard Carpenter (63)
Penny Marshall (66)
Linda Lavin (72)

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