A Quick Lesson

I couldn’t help but notice all the new Hand Sanitizer Stations while shopping at my local outdoor mall over the weekend.  I am assuming that these are supposed to help us sanitize ourselves so that we don’t spread the H1N1 Swine Flu virus over the crowded holiday season.  Except for one problem:

H1N1 is a VIRUS.  Hand sanitizer is anti-BACTERIAL.  Helloooooo!

Thanksgiving (and a little Norman Rockwell)

How many times have you thought of Thanksgiving and also thought of this ubiquitous painting by American artist Norman Rockwell?  (Not that anyone in the history of time ever had a Thanksgiving that looked like this, but we like to think that we do…)  Anyway, seeing this picture again reminded me of a a fascinating article I read last month in Vanity Fair about the interesting process that Norman Rockwell actually used to create his paintings.  Rockwell used staged photographs (and plenty of them) to create the look and feel he wanted for his finished portraits.

The article is based from information from a newly published book on Rockwell called Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera by Ron Schick.  The article and the book are both really a really interesting look into the creative process of one of our most overlooked artists.

Check it out – and happy Thanksgiving!

Vanity Fair: Norman Rockwell’s American Dream
Amazon.com: Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera by Ron Schick

Caribbean Dreams

I know… I have been off for quite awhile as I was down in the Virgin Islands and kind of lost track of anything resembling a real life.  That’s what happens when you invite 11 different people down to visit where they all come in and leave on different days.  (At one point I wasn’t even sure what week it was, let alone what day.)  This video kind of sums it up a bit.

I should have posted this video before I left so as to give you all something to look at while I was away – so sorry about that.  I will be back in the groove soon.  Just in time for the holidays!