The Scam of the Ovens

Okay, so as you may or may not have gathered, my two double-ovens have died.  After a few years of strange problems, the fine 1994 Thermador motherboards have fried themselves.  I find it more than odd that both ovens died at the exact same time, but our handy repairman has told us that we can salvage some parts from the main ovens to fix the basement ovens for the time being.  This means I get to buy a new oven!

It’s kind of a sad statement that I have gone through life this far and have never bought a new appliance in my life, especially an oven.  So, imagine my surprise when I saunter in to my local oven shoppe and soon realize that all built-in ovens are completely different lengths!  Yes, there is no spec as far as oven sizes go.  Oh, sure – the widths are standardized: 24″, 27″, 30″ – but the lengths are a free-for-all!  That makes perfect fucking sense, right?

The saleslady told me that they do it so that you basically have to replace your old oven with the same brand.  Oh, not so fast!  Not that I want another Thermador considering all the problems I have had with them over the years, but when I went to spec them out, none of them will fit in my overly-small cutout either!  All I went in for was to buy a replacement oven, and I walked out with nothing except the sales person telling me that they also do cabinet refinishing in case I have to rearrange my whole cabinet system because I need to cut a bigger fucking hole for the new ovens.

So, now I am searching in vein for a good quality double-oven that is no longer than 48″ and may be contemplating sending the motherboards in to an “oven hacker” who can supposedly fix it for $500.

It’s a fucking oven!  It just needs to heat up to the temperature I want and stay there until I turn it off!  WTF?????