There’s No “P” in USA

Just an observation:  When did we become a nation of problem urinators?  All I hear on the radio or see on TV are ads for drugs that either make you pee more or make you pee less.  The names sound fake if you didn’t know they were real:


Rapiflo (I want to meet the marketeer that came up with that one)

It seems that it’s the women that pee too much and the men that can’t pee enough. What happened to peeing just right?

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, what the hell is going on with that Charmin Bear family?  What do they do, eat nothing but fiber sandwiches all day long?

One thought on “There’s No “P” in USA

  1. Tiff, I suspect you don’t spend a ton of time watching Fox News (like….none), but you’d be amazed at the barrage of prescription drug commercials they run at every break. Pretty clear indication that their audience is all old farts with everything falling apart.

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