Gordon Ramsay Out, Anthony Bourdain In

I admit it, I find chefs sexy.  (Real actual chefs, not that guy you know that thinks he’s a culinary genius because he mixed horseradish and mayonnaise together and put it on a roast beef sandwich.)  It’s something about the hard work, long hours and dedication to a art that gets, well… eaten.  As a good friend of mine who is a professional chef who specializes in wedding cakes once told me, in his darkest hours of depression he thinks about how all his hard work always ends up in the toilet.

I had a major thing for Gordon Ramsay for awhile, but I have to be honest with him and let him know that our short-lived romance is over as I have found someone new:  Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony’s not new to me – I read his book, Kitchen Confidential, years ago. And I always watch his Travel Channel show, No Reservations, when I get a chance.  But, something’s changed.  Maybe it’s that he’s getting older and not quite so arrogant and in-your-face rude.  Now, he’s just smart and biting and a little bit more mellow.

Gordon, on the other hand, has turned into a media whore as well as a literal one.  I mean, how many different cooking/restaurant shows can you have on the FOX network?  And, they’re all the same:  He gets some dolt who either doesn’t know how to cook or doesn’t know how to run a restaurant and he screams and yells at them for an hour.  If I wanted to listen to screaming and yelling that much, I’d just go home and visit my parents.  And, after proclaiming to anyone who would listen what a great family man he is, he gets caught snogging some babes in the hotels attached to his restaurants around the world!  Smooth move, Gordon – considering that your father-in-law owns half of your companies.  Bet that has been awkward at the old board meeting.

Anyway, I have officially replaced Gordon on my Chef Do List with Tony – FYI.  Plus, this picture is hot.

5 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Out, Anthony Bourdain In

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I have a very unusual question to ask. I work in a photography studio and we are planning a Christmas card around the amazingness (..or not?) of 1950s-60s food & recipes! Is it at all possible get some some recipes from your General Foods Kitchens Cookbook 1959?? Particularly, the liver sausage pineapple? As well as the Green Ham (with olives!) from the Elegant Holiday Buffet for Twelve?
    We’d be more than happy to send a card your way!!!

  2. Re: Gordon Ramsay and rest of Brit cooks. After many tries, I still find Brit cooking lackluster and when in Uk, always try to get the Hell out of there in early afternoon and fly elsewhere for dinner: Such as Tantris in Munich, La Rive in Amsterdam or some tiny bistro in Frankfurt. Once tried some contemporary British cuisine from a visiting UK chef, (gratefully forget who) while in Singapore. Still crap. Still, I understand your fascination with fine chefs. The real ones have no time for TV shows or frozen glop under their name.

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