Make My Logo BIGGER Dammit!


As every graphic designer knows, dealing with clients is not the easiest thing. They seem to think that because they are paying you, they should supersede your expertise with their detrimental ideas. (See my previous post regarding this fun subject.) However, a friend and fellow graphic designer sent me this great new product made for just those occasions when you think that your designer isn’t doing what you’re paying them good money for! It’s called Make-My-Logo-Bigger Cream.

This company has all sorts of great products to get that awesome design you know you want, but your obstinate designer is fighting against. Check it out!!!

(Thanks, Dan.)

I Want This Job…

In the past, I’ve only used my powers of Photoshopping for good. Embarassing friends and family, making myself look better in pictures, making invitations for bridal showers, etc. I am especially good at Photoshopping people’s heads onto other people’s bodies – it’s kind of my specialty. So, I think I found my new calling – I want to “clean up” celebrity cover shots for national magazine covers. I mean, we all kind of know that they fix flaws and do special makeup and lighting to make the subject look their best – but this example from shows you how much they actually “fix.” It doesn’t even look like the same person!

Photoshopped to Death

In the above example of Faith Hill – they Photoshopped 11 major things, including making her arms about 50% of original size, gave her more hair, wiped out all wrinkles, took out moles, got rid of her other hand, shaved her ass and stomach off, thinned her nose and cheeks, got rid of her back fat and even smoothed her clavicle out! WTF – who cares about a fucking clavicle????

The ironic thing is that Redbook is sort of known for being “natural” and “realistic”, at least as far as the girlie mags go. Faith Hill is the same age as me – so it is kind of depressing, actually.

Read the full story here at

Stars Like Us

Okay, this made me laugh today. Plus, it involves Photoshopping people’s heads on to other people’s bodies – something I am particularly fond of.

Off the Zone, Jen?

What if the stars were just normal people like the rest of us? Well, leave it to and some clever Photoshopping to find out. Click here to see the entire slide show. You’ll be glad you did, trust me.

WTF? Who Staged this Light Bulb Package Photo?

Yes, I’m bored today.

I was changing many light bulbs yesterday (I prefer the method of letting them all burn out until we are in almost total darkness, and then changing them all at once, BTW) and noticed for some reason this odd photo on the package of Philips Longer Life Soft White 60W bulbs I got at Costco. Do you notice something strange about this photo, besides the fact that it looks like some cheap motel on Exit 38 in Northern Florida?

The package

How about now? WTF is going on in that mirror? Who staged this? Who approved it? Who printed it? Why do I care………………………………………..?


………………………….Did I mention I was bored today?