How Did De-bate Skool Go, Sarah?

Yes, I watched the VP debate last night, and no, Sarah Palin did not do as completely awful as I expected her to based on watching her Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric interviews – – but was she anywhere near good? Is this someone ya want runin’ the good ol’ US of A a winkin’ and a noddin’?  I honestly never thought I’d see someone less intelligent than W running for a top office in our country, but she makes him look like a Yale graduate.  (snarf.)

Come, on – be honest.  You know she sucked – she just didn’t suck as badly as everyone thought she would, so now everyone says “she held her own” or “knocked it out of the park.”  Um, hardly. 

One of my favorite quotes from Al Gore applies here.  He likes to say this when people remark in surprise on how funny he is:

“I benefit from low expectations.”

What My Dog Thinks of Obama’s Speech

Yeah, Quimby – I thought it would be better, too.

I don’t know… I’m not all up about Obama as it seems everyone else in the world is these days.  Maybe it’s because I’m from Chicago and know that he’s done nothing but run for the next office when he’s supposed to be doing his job in the office I elected him to.  That kind of pisses me off a little, as I’ve been used to the Rostenkowskis of the world “bringin’ home the bacon” as they say.  I had a friend in the stadium that said it was really cool – – I’m sure being there in person was very different from watching it on TV – wine or not.

Don’t get me wrong – I have always voted Democratic and I’m not about to change that now. And, I think it’s totally amazing that we have finally realized that it’s okay to have someone besides a square white guy as our President.  So yes, I’ll vote for him –  but I’m not totally dancing in the streets about it.

(Bring Bill back! I’d vote for him 100x over)

 PS – Don’t those iPhones take FANTASTIC pictures?

Pologos™ – Judging the Candidates by their Logos



Okay, let’s talk political logos.  Or, as I just coined the phrase, Pologos ™  (copyright, Nacho Underpants, 2008.  All rights reserved.)  

The Obama logo looks like someone did it in class at ITT Tech.  I’ve read it’s supposed to look “fresh” and “new”  and like a sun coming over the horizon,  but every time I see it I am reminded of a poorly done  industrial corn fuel company logo.   Plus, the lettering for Obama ’08 is like the lamest font ever.  I think that is the default Times New Roman and no one even bothered to at least bold it or something!  Plus, the apostrophe used for ’08 is a left curly apostophe, which although technically correct, looks odd.  Maybe a space would help.  Overall, it is a very amateurish design.
The Hillary logo is traditional and snoozeville.  It’s got all the cliché elements:  Red white and blue colors, flagish ribbon, stripes and stars.  The one thing I kind of wonder about is why they use her first name instead of last name like everyone else?  Do they really think that if they use “Clinton” that dumb asses would think it was Bill again instead of her?  Actually, people probably are that stupid – but maybe that would be a good thing – I’d vote for Bill again if I could.  But, I find it kind of annoying that we need to be on  a first name basis with her and not any men.  I mean, wouldn’t it look stupid if McCain’s signs read “JOHN FOR PRESIDENT”?  It’s too cutsey and girlie and in my mind brings her down a notch.
McCain’s logo is actually my favorite.  I like the deep dark blue color with the gold contrast, and anyone who knows me knows I am partial to stars.  It’s a good, strong military-ish star -I suppose to subconsciously remind us of his military background.  The font is nice, too – strong and sans-serif to show that he’s not fucking around with any effeminate curly-cues or anything.  I like that it doesn’t look like it came from a college student or an automatic political sign generating company.  
Good job, McCain!  Too bad I wouldn’t vote for you in a million years!

Imus and His Big Stupid Mouth

Am I the only one that thinks the media went a little overboard with the hysteria regarding the Don Imus debacle? Yes, he is an imbicile and what he said was not only stupid, but the choice of words were about as clever as the local bully on the playground. But, how did this become a political issue? Why do I have to listen to what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have to say about it and what they feel is a suitable punishment? When did we all become so afraid of stupid words?

Part of it obviously comes from the 24/7 news cycle on some particularly slow news days (Hey guys – remember all the people dying in Iraq?) and the fact that they can play the audiotape over and over and over again. So, one stupid thing one says gets amplified x 1000. But, it goes deeper than that. Somehow, our culture has become overly-sensitive to “offensive” words. But it always seems to be so hyporcritical. Wasn’t is Jesse Jackson who got in to some hot water with his “Hymie Town” comment? Don’t rappers use those same words every day in their videos and songs? Would someone get fired over calling Cletus in Mississippi “white trash?”

Do I like Don Imus? No. Do I agree with what he said? Of course not. Do I think he should have been fired? Probably – but what is so silly is the wishy-washy way he was fired. First, CBS suspends him, then the hysteria begins and finally, after four days, they decide to fire him. And you know the only reason they fired him was not because he violated the high moral standards of CBS – it was because his sponsors pulled out.

If we’re going to get hysterical about something, lets make it something a little more substantive – such as the mess in Iraq, the destruction of our planet, or the fact that Sanjaya is still on American Idol, OK?

Hillary / Obama 1984 Ad… Big Deal!

Sheesh – what is the big hubub with the Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama 1984 internet ad?

I read a NY Times article today where Obama exclaimed (on Larry King Live, groan) that: “I just saw it for the first time, and, you know, one of the things about the Internet is that people generate all kinds of stuff. In some ways, it’s — it’s the democratization of the campaign process… Frankly, given what it looks like, we don’t have the technical capacity to create something like that. It’s pretty extraordinary.”

Uh, I’m sorry – you don’t have a 15 year old and a copy of Photoshop and iMovie? Or, hell – I could have done it in two hours. It seems everyone who has seen and commented on this video has lost the entire point here. This is hardly a sophisticated technical masterpiece. It’s clever with the premise and the execution is good – but it’s YouTube for God’s sake! Did we already forget about JibJab?

Yes, we all get that this is a new “channel” for marketing the candidates… I can’t beleive that they are just now figuring this out. But, what everyone seems to miss is that this is just a fairly easy edit of an originally technically amazing (and expensive) Ridley Scott ad for the Apple Macintosh from , uh, 1984! This ad changed advertising forever, and was probably one of the best tv ads ever done. It may be so good that it will make history again for changing the way we do political advertising, due in part to young and uninformed idiots.

OK – maybe I’m being too hard – some people may get that part at least, but the more frightening aspect is that it seems no one under the age of 38 (that’s me) has read or understands the point of the original ad, which was the God Damn book by George Orwell published in 1949. Yes, Wikipedia sucks, but please do yourself a favor and read this page so you can at least get the Cliff’s Cousin Joe-Bob’s account of this book. Was I the last high school student who had to read this? Geez – it wasn’t that long ago…

I am writing this so it will at least be “out there” so maybe some 20 year old dumb-ass who Googles nothing but Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears,  and Paris Hilton may find this by accident and realize what the fucking deal is.

I’m going to bed.

Original Apple Ad
Hey! There was a book involved!
Interesting “Behind the Scenes” video for the original ad
God, I love Futurama

Ann Coulter – Comic Genius or Shriveled-Up Bitter Cunt Face?

You be the judge…

Ya – I know, this is old news, but seriously… I don’t understand why she has even has a job, let alone become a mouthpiece for the “Wright.” Oh, maybe it’s because she’s the only old, dry, anorexic outside of Hollywood where these old geezers think they might get some? (I don’t know… it was the only thing I could think of…)

I read this fabulous blog that explained it all for me. I only wish I could explain my hatred for this woman this articulately…

Hillary or Obama?

I’m sorry, but isn’t it too early for all this? I honestly don’t remember dumb-ass George W being in my face in 1998 – in fact he won his second term as Governor of Texas in November 1998, something that hardly made news at the time.

What were the rest of us doing in 1998? Oh, yeah – we were obsessed with good old Bill Clinton and his errant libido with Miss Lewinsky. I guess since George W is so squeaky-clean with this unwinnable war, pissing off Iran, violating the idiotic Patriot Act , the mess in Guantanamo Bay, Haliburton, our gi-normous debt, etc. etc. etc. that we have nothing else to focus on except the election that is 18 months away? Frankly, both Clinton and Obama are already wearing out their welcome with me, and most people would call me a staunch liberal. How sick of all this are we going to be a year from now? I”m still exausted from 2004 – I’m just not ready to even begin to think about 2008.

I have an idea: Let’s just run Bill again and get it all over with. Screw the 22nd Amendment – I miss him.