Who is Nacho Underpants?


I’m 40 years old and grew up in Colorado. I live just outside Chicago with my husband, two dogs, two cats, a bird and an iguana. (Let’s just say that 1/2 of these pets came with the house…long story.)

I am a graphic designer.

I hate pompous jerks, the telephone, and chicken gristle.

I love cooking, all things French, and a really good turkey sandwich.

Life is good!


Nacho Underpants was listed as one of the “171 Best Websites in Chicago” by Chicago Magazine in 2008.

6 thoughts on “Who is Nacho Underpants?

  1. Thanks for the honest and true blog on Allen Bros.

    I should know better. I am a European-trained cook, chef and have worked as chef d cuisine in enough up scale places (2-3 Michelin stars in Europe, not in USA where Michelin Stars are a joke), to know poor beef when I see it.

    But…we went through the same stupid sucker situation as you describe this year with an explicit delivery date that came and went without any steaks arriving. When they finally showed up, they were long past edible, warm and mush. We live in Florida and the trip from Chicago to Miami must have been rerouted through Hell. I asked for a refund and they insisted on shipping again, 2nd day delivery.

    That order vanished. No tracking, no steaks.

    The third time it came, but Christmas and New Years had come and gone.

    I can’t say much for the meat, even though you apparently have had better luck with it.

    Our “Rib Eyes” had less meat than a Wendy’s burger, the burgers were probably ground chuck and tasteless. The dogs? The dogs here got them after I tried one. Ugh.

    Now, like you, I should have known better. The company is a marketing scam and the catalog and on line site shows steaks that I doubt they even have. What comes in the box looks, feels and tastes like commercial grade beef, cut so thin I can pan sear it in three minutes.

    We did eat the filets, but for the cost, nothing special.

    A word to the wise: we have tried all three of the big on line, mail order steak outfits and none of them meet my standards after forty years of cooking in some great restaurants. I seriously doubt Allen’s claim of provisioning places like Mortons and other big steak house chains.
    Bottom line: don’t spend the money for mail order beef. Find a good source, develop it and pay attention to what you get before it gets wrapped up.

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