RIP: Country Kwencher


It has come to my attention that Boone’s Farm Country Kwencher is no longer produced.  In fact, I couldn’t even find a picture of the bottle to accompany my eulogy.  I say this is sacrilege!  Yes, yes – they have about 25 other lame flavors, but everyone knows Country Kwencher was the best one!  Do you know how many bottles of Country Kwencher I downed in college?  I mean, it was fairly sophisticated for my college repertoire – after all it was “wine.”

I remember sitting around someone’s first apartment, opening each bottle with a special ritual we only used for Boone’s Farm products.  We would twist the cap slowly and count out loud as a group how many twists until it came off.  If it was 7 or more, you had a “good” bottle – anything less and it was a “bad” bottle.  A bad bottle was a relative term, since really all of them were bad.  We were just looking for an excuse to “celebrate” a little more if it was a “good” bottle.  

Anyway, I was sad to learn that the Country Kwencher is no more.  You can have all your Mellon Balls, Strawberry Hills and Mountain Berries – but you will never be as good as the Kwencher.

RIP Country Kwencher.  We hardly knew ye.

32 thoughts on “RIP: Country Kwencher

  1. Strawberry hill is the only one with the old school alcohol content–most are 5.1 or less Strawberry hill—7.2 or something like that—but the Kwencher was always my fav. I’m gonna’ play the good or bad bottle game next time –shit maybe today–

  2. I have been searching high and low for this and to read its gone has ruined my plans with my wife for a high school escape in the hot tub, damn. Rest in peace old friend. You were the fastest route to sex when mixed with the king, Brass Monkey.

  3. I have an old unopened bottle of Country Kwencher and a bottle of Wild Mountain. The mountain has a $1.09 sticker on it. I do not know how old they are. my 85 year old neighbor gave them to me for snow blowing her drive this last winter.

  4. I say someone ( and I would do it if I knew how but I think I had too much of the beloved ” C. K. “and didn’t learn this sort of stuff) but as I was saying, we need to petition and try to get our favorite flavor back!!!! Im game to help!!!

  5. They had two types of country kwencher one was grape and the other was Apple. Looved the grape. We used to get them 3/$5

  6. OMG- you just broke the hearts of a bunch of Georgia girls…wow- it is a sad day….it was the best—there is nothing else that comes close to it. RIP COUNTRY KWENCHER

  7. They need to bring country kwencher back. I’ve look every where for was first so it should have stayed apple is the new👊👊🍺🍺🍺🍺🍹🍹🍎🍏🍏

  8. It was my favorite back in the day as well!
    I did find a photo of a bottle of Country Kwencher but I don’t know how to put it on here for you.

  9. OMG!!! I cant believe of All flavors U wood Retire; Country Kwencher The BEST “.can WE start A Pettion”? To please bring it back ,I Buy ,the box?case..

  10. Country quencher was a good one and I’m sure a good seller I don’t know why they stopped making it same thing happened to Scrolls back in the seventies a good beer and they stop making it no wonder I’m about to stop drinking

  11. I’m so sad that they don’t make this anymore. This was our weekend get together,wine,bonefire and friendships.
    The good ol’days.
    RIP country kwencher 😪

  12. PRETTY PLEASE! Please bring back Country Kwencher! It will sell! There is nothing else out there that tastes like it! It was the best! We don’t need so many strawberry flavors. Any wine co. can make those. As far as I know, nobody else makes anything even close to the refreshing flavor of Boones Farm Country Kwencher! PLEASE!

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