J.Crew Clown Collection

Ask anyone who knows me, I have always loved J.Crew.  And, I’m sure J.Crew loves me based on how much moolah I hand over to them on a quarterly basis.  It’s my one vice… (okay I couldn’t type that with a straight face) uh, one of my vices. In fact, once I came into about $5,000 unexpectedly and my only thoughts were how much I could spend at J.Crew.  Sad, I know.

Anyway, I came across this beautiful outfit while perusing the famously poorly-designed J.Crew website and had to say:  WTF?  I mean, seriously – who would wear this outfit together?  Maybe Bozo’s illegitimate daughter or something.  WTF kind of clown outfit is this?

Okay, the pants are cute.