United Airlines Olympic Advertising

I find it interesting that United is blowing zillions of dollars in advertising in the Beijing Olympics, and yet charge me $15 to check my bag and raise the price of my rum & diet to $6.  

“Unveiling new ads during the Summer Olympics provides us with a high-profile, worldwide stage to effectively showcase the comforts of our new international first and business class service,” said Dennis Cary, senior vice president – Marketing

Uh, great marketing bullshit Dennis.  Okay, the ads are cool.  But it just makes me wonder WTF you are doing with the company money when your company is in dire financial straights?  What CEO signs off on expensive marketing plans while simultaneously furloughing 1,000 pilots? And, what the hell are you doing to help schlubs like me in Economy?

Also, I want to know how much they paid Robert Redford for the voice over.  I bet he doesn’t fucking pay for his rum & diets.