Inside the Mind of a Woman

Okay, I know this went around a few months ago, but I ran across it again and felt the need to post.  If you haven’t seen it, the gist is this:  A guy goes on vacation to Europe for two weeks, and his girlfriend either forgot, or didn’t understand he was leaving.  The story is told through the emails he received while he was away.

Yes, this is what goes through our minds as women, I am sorry to say.  Oh, and the video is 8 minutes long, but worth it. Welcome to our world.


2 thoughts on “Inside the Mind of a Woman

  1. Hee hee ho ho…that’s a good one. “I f***ed your friend to show you I was right. Now who is the stupid one?” (paraphrase)

    I’m dying here…the music (acid house?) really nails the growing crazy in Em’s head. The generic tourist photos the guy posts beautifully illustrate his blissful ignorance of the danger developing at home.

    Great stuff! TY

  2. HAHAHAH — sad, but really true. Yikes.

    I wrote a similar entry about women in my blog. Check it.


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